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Find Solutions to Business-Critical Problems with Focused Idea Campaigns

Idea campaigns are a proven tool to find answers to specific challenges. They describe the challenge’s background and help participants to focus on ideas that are aligned with existing business needs.

HYPE GO!’s campaign wizard guides you through the creation of your campaigns and contains embedded know-how in every phase of the ideation process.

Enrich Ideas through Collaboration

Increase the quality of ideas by bringing as many perspectives into play as possible.

HYPE GO! drives collaboration throughout the whole process to motivate users to enrich each other’s ideas.

Informed and Easy Decision-Making Tools

Involve subject matter experts and key stakeholders to decide which ideas and concepts make it into implementation. HYPE GO! offers configurable review sessions with custom review criteria to manage complex decisions efficiently.

Why choose HYPE GO?

  1. 1. Sustainable Innovation

    HYPE GO! is more than a one time tool – it helps you build and manage your idea portfolio ensuring long-term value.

  2. 2. Collaborative Innovation

    Bring together your organization’s brightest minds to work out high-quality concepts. Go beyond simple ideation and make use of your company’s greatest asset: the people that work there.

  3. 3. Expertise Included

    HYPE GO! includes guidance on how to run a successful innovation program – based on the knowledge gained in over a decade of projects for global innovation leaders.

  4. 4. Easy to use & Quick to set up

    HYPE GO! is designed to be self-explanatory software and with a focus on user friendliness; you are ready to launch your online idea campaigns immediately.


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Get started for free!Get started for free!

We offer you four weeks of HYPE GO! for free
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